360 degree HR solutions

Money Matters

Let’s talk money and benefits. We can liaise with the Finance team to take care of payroll. This means employees get their salaries on time. Other than salary, there is overtime, bonus, deductions, salary hikes, benefits, reimbursements and tax laws that need to be taken into account.

We also take care of salary and compensation benchmarking. That is, we keep our ears to the ground and know the salaries that are being paid out to employees in various job roles. When the pay you offer a potential employee matches what’s out in the market, it is easier to get the right people to join you and retain them.

People Quotient

No matter how brilliant your products or services are, it means nothing if you don’t have a great bunch of people championing it. Keeping your people motivated is crucial. This could be through recognition, challenging work profiles, rewards, a workplace culture that respects individuals, and more.

Playdawn’s people pros can show you how to handle appraisals and the performance management system. You can also talk to us about the best ways to maintain employee relations, and create a culture that will have people flocking to you.

House Rules

There are a whole lot of policies and procedures that you need to have in place in any company of any size. Some are mandatory and others are a matter of good practice. These could range from office timings and leave policies to managing conflicts.

Apart from laying down the house rules, Playdawn’s team will get background checks for employees, show you the best ways to induct new employees, and take care of all the documentation and maintenance of records.