Management Profile

Huzefa Bookwala knows his Easter eggs from a LAN party, and his way around the dynamic start-up world. In other words, he is no nOOb! He’s been there, played the game and can kill it.

The founder of Playdawn, Huzefa Bookwala has over 20 years of experience in Human Resource Management and entrepreneurship. His combined knowledge of business and HRM give him an edge in the industry. His business perspective translates to client-focused staffing solutions.

Huzefa specializes in start-ups and small-sized companies across domains, as well as gaming and animation studios. His years as a HR manager have given him access to start-ups and fast-paced industries like gaming. He has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by such companies, and how to revamp processes to build a stronger organization with a qualified and motivated workforce.