HR Solutions

An employee is a very important asset to an Organisation and Human Resources strategies play an integral role in creating a healthy, competitive, engaging and, encouraging environment for all.  We provide assistance to develop Human Resource strategies that are effective and coherent to the smooth functioning and consistent growth of your employees and Organisation.

Money Matters

‘Playdawn’ team can liaise with your Human Resources and Finance team to manage payroll for you and manage salary and compensation benchmarks as per industry and market standards. When a potential candidate is offered a package that is at par with the standards it is easier to get the right candidates to join you and retain them.

People Quotient

No matter how brilliant your products or services are, Success will be distant if you don’t have a great bunch of people championing it. We will assist you in implementing effective Talent Attraction, Retention and Development Strategies. Consistent and aligned Candidate experience, Employee experience, Performance Management, Upskilling and, much more to create a healthy and motivating work culture that will have talent flocking to you.

House Rule

Company Policies and procedures aim to protect the rights of employees as well as employers. Every Company needs to have policies and procedures in place and updated,  as a matter of good practice. We can make these ‘House Rules’, background checks, documentation and records of all employees and, design effective induction programs for you based on your company vision and values.