Our Expertise

We have come a long way from when it was a Startup 8 years ago. With our own set of challenges and obstacles, being the only ones among the very few consultants in the Gaming Industry we foresaw the opportunities and identified a prospective future. We focused on the Gaming industry and made that our key domain as we found so much talent who are so passionate about gaming and pursued it in an era when there were very little or no career opportunities for them here in India. We have worked closely since, with companies, visionaries and, individuals of the future to overcome roadblocks and challenges. Through this journey, we have learned, grown, and excelled and we are here as experts to share that experience and skill for your success.


One of the core challenges of startups is attracting the right talent for the right price. The cost of finding candidates with the right experience and blocking resources to meet the requirement can be tasking for a startup.

Outsourcing Recruitment and Human Resources Management activities to ‘US’ will let your core team focus on growing the business. We bring and apply our extensive experience with a fraction of the cost, which if your were to hire will be a binding recurring dent in the budgets.

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Animation & Gaming

Despite the fast-paced growth in this industry and many global companies outsourcing work from India, finding skilled people to tackle these jobs is still a challenge. Owing to our experience in the animation and gaming industry, we have a good grasp of the kind of skills that are needed and the demands of such jobs. In addition to that, we have access to a pool of candidates from the animation and gaming industry. You can trust us to find people with the right skills for the job.