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Recruitment transcends filling a position; it’s about crafting a lasting candidate experience. Positive encounters resonate, creating goodwill that reverberates through our interconnected world. This enduring impression not only enhances your current hiring but also paves the way for smoother recruitment efforts, propelling you from one successful milestone to the next in your journey


HR Solutions

An employee is a very important asset to an Organisation and Human Resources strategies play an integral role in creating a healthy, competitive, engaging and, encouraging environment for all. We provide assistance to develop Human Resource strategies that are effective and coherent to the smooth functioning and consistent growth of your employees and Organisation


Our Expertise

Over the past 8 years, we’ve evolved from a startup, overcoming unique challenges as pioneers in the Gaming Industry. Focusing on this niche, we’ve nurtured passionate gaming talent, creating opportunities in India. Collaborating with companies and visionaries, we’ve navigated challenges, growing into experts ready to share our experience and skills for your success



Enhance your skills with our Virtual Training Programs, catering to both freshers and experienced professionals. Our courses prioritize real-time, applied learning, ensuring you acquire practical skills to meet industry demands. Designed to minimize theory and maximize hands-on experience, these programs empower you with the latest tools and knowledge. Dive into the Gaming industry



We empower businesses to recruit specialized talent faster with our experienced teams of recruiters and job-matching expertise.

Meet the Players

In a world where you are always on the go, where now is the new old, where time is money, and where people are power, and where every task you tick is magically replaced by another one…what do you do? For starters, there is coffee. Playdawn comes next, a close next.

Expert Team

At Playdawn, we have an expert team that can bring in the best talent quickly, and can streamline HR and admin activities. This will make it easy for you to keep your eye on the ball. We specialize in start-ups and small-sized companies in all domains, and gaming and animation companies of any size.

The heart of companies

We understand your world. We have lived in it. We know the rigorous demands of running a company. It can be tough when the management and key players are pulled in different directions – all of which can make or break the company. We know the heart of companies – great people, a motivated work culture, and seamless people management policies and activities. We get the dynamic nature of the industry and the speed at which a startup or a game development company moves, and we are right there with it!

What’s our secret sauce?

We know our business and understand yours. We know people. We know the game and play it right. That’s us, the team at Playdawn, the one-stop shop for recruitment and people management solutions.

How We Play a Good Game

Access to a large network of talent Intense screening and profiling process Expertise in start-ups, and the gaming and animation industry Deep understanding of business needs Ability to identify unique requirements and tailor the recruitment process Understand the needs of both Indian and international clients

How You’ll Score

Get the right talent quickly Access a range of specialist HR services Consult with experts in the field Manage costs and time better by making smart choices

The Game Plan

We know that one size does not fit all, and our game plan includes recruitment solutions that are designed to meet various requirements in the industry. This is how we play it: One-Time Talent Hit – Get a full-time employee for a one-time hiring fee. Exclusive Talent Search – We’ll be your exclusive go-to for recruitment. Exclusive Talent Search for Start-ups – For recruitment services that fit your priorities. 360-degree HR Solutions – From payroll to policies, all that your company needs.

Ease Your Recruitment. Let our team customize a recruiting solution for your hiring needs.

Mission & Vision

Mission : To combine our expertise in business, entrepreneurship and human resource management to recruit quality candidates and develop effective HR systems to help companies grow on a strong foundation.

Vision: Be a leading and reliable HR and recruitment consultancy for gaming globally

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Elevate employer branding with a trusted recruitment partner

Elevate Your Brand

Transform your employer branding by refining talent acquisition strategies. Cultivate a positive employer image through strategic hiring practices. Attract, engage, and retain top talent, shaping a workplace that resonates with your brand values.

Define Brand Values

Clearly articulate your company’s values and culture to attract like-minded candidates

Engagement Initiatives

Implement employee engagement programs and initiatives to enhance your workplace reputation

Strategic Messaging

Craft compelling job descriptions and communications that reflect your brand’s ethos

Feedback Integration

Regularly collect and integrate employee feedback to improve and align talent acquisition with your brand’s aspirations

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Our Team

Huzefa Bookwala

Founder | Recruiter

Bringing forth more than 12 years of multifaceted experience across diverse HR functions, he specializes in crafting foundational HR policies, guiding hiring managers and interview panels, enhancing candidate experiences, cultivating organic public relations, implementing productivity management systems, driving strategic HR initiatives, fostering enriching employee experiences, and conducting insightful salary benchmarking. 

Munira Bookwala

HR Consultant

Over two decades of seasoned HR and Recruitment expertise, she possesses a remarkable ability to discern the finest talents amidst a vast pool, akin to identifying a high-quality needle in a haystack. Over the last seven years, she has honed her skills specifically in the dynamic realm of Gaming recruitment. Beyond her professional prowess, her jovial personality brings a refreshing energy to her work, and she takes delight in unraveling the intricate facets of faith


Israa Fatima

HR Consultant

Bringing over 15 years of dedicated HR expertise to the table, she has played instrumental roles at renowned gaming enterprises such as Gameloft and Glu for over 11 years. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in constructing the organizational culture from the ground up. A passionate businesswoman at heart, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to the dynamic world of gaming and human resources


Gautam Narain

With nearly 2 decades of experience in Game Programming for PC, Console and Mobile. He has been a crucial part of companies like EA and Jumpstart. Avid reader and loves to follow and play Cricket. .

Anusha Kamatham

With 6 years of rich experience in Virtual Reality, ArcViz & 3D Game Development. She is ambitious and committed with aspiration to be a key member in Tech Talent Development. Next on her bucket list is Horse riding.


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